Centro de Salud Cabanaconde (Sonrisa sin Fronteras)

Perú | Chivay
Type of project:
June, 2016

SONRISA SIN FRONTERAS was founded by a group of spanish friends, who on a trip to Peru learned about the difficult situation of many isolated villages in the Colca Valley region, with very difficult access to medicine. Medical personnel in the region need to travel up to 300km a day to practice their profession and care for the sick people from  remote and poor areas. Today, SONRISA SIN FRONTERAS cooperates with the Cabanaconde Health Center for its development in the Colca.

There is a group of doctors and volunteers who bring medicines to the most rural and inaccessible areas of the region. They cooperate with the intention of obtaining basic medicines and technical and logistical equipment, but they have little technical means to achieve the goal of helping all the people who need it.

The Health Center has 2 doctors, 5 nurses and 7 nursing technicians. Each year we add support from other specialties such as dentists, pediatricians, who collaborate, during short periods of time, with their human quality and professionalism.

NEEDS: mainly medical equipment. Contact first to update the current needs.


Valle del Colca, Centro de Salud Cabanaconde

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

Valle del Colca (Cañón del Colca, Cabanaconde…), Lago Titicaca

Oscar Martínez (Madrid)


Aldo Nicolás Quenta (Perú)

(051) 54.957.870.486anq2665@hotmail.com
* If possible, contact the center before the visit