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"“In 2009 we created the website that we would have liked to consult before each trip.“"

Since then we have joined efforts, ideas and collaborations of lots of people, with the aim of making a universal board of needs that gathers where, how and whom to help while we travel. It was inadmissible for us that it didn´t exist.

There are already hundreds of projects published in more than 60 countries and thousands of beneficiaries.

DANIEL Losada Casanova, tireless traveler and committed photographer, he left his tie long ago to devote himself to designing trips in Deep Planet (his job). In 2009 he created trip-drop (his live) and formed a team to create it. Mainwhile, he takes pictures where ever he can.

CARLA Llamas, she is a journalist specializing in travel and a fan of social media. In Trip-drop she is the thinking head behind Facebook and Twitter. She also declares herself an ambassador of the project wherever she goes, because she says that the first day she heard about Trip-drop, she knew that she had to be part of the team and help in its difussion.

BLANCA Melián, has been accompanying the project for a few years until she decided to collaborate more closely by helping with the new website. Wanting to travel to all those places where there is a trip-drop proyect and even more to discover new ones. She bought a giant map and a box of thumbtacks. 

TRAVEL AGENCIES, who collaborate with trip-drop informing their clients about the projetcs where they can help along their route, even coordinating visits and deliveries. The best way to help is to teach how to do it, to those who will have the option.
We hope that many more agencies will join us.

AND MANY MORE that colaborate with us

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