We want to help you to understand trip-drop

“And if you still have any question…“

Here are some questions that we usually are asked. It surely will help you to understand trip-drop. Do you prefer to ask us directly?, do it through our contact form


  • Where do I get the things requested by the project?
    At destination, if possible. If not, take it from home using the empty space in your suitcase reserved to bring home your gifts.
  • Do they expect my visit?
    Ussually not. That´s why the recommend to contact them first, by mail ot teléfono if available.
  • How do I deliver the help?
    Preferably the person in charge who appears as a contact. If it is a school, give it to the teacher, so he can give them to the kids. He probably will invite you to do it with him. It´s important to maintain the chain of respect, and do not forget that it is the teacher who commands. Children should see it this way.
  • How about if I want to give money?
    In trip-drop we never publish monetary needs. But if once there you think it is appropriate for the confidence that the project and the staff gives you, feel free.
  • What kind of things can be asked for?
    Anything that can help the community (school supplies, clothes, food…). Better not to ask for plastic things or sweets.
  • Who can ask for help?
    Any collective no matter how small. Schools, orphanages, hospitals, NGOs, Foundations, Associations, tribes, dining rooms ... And of course any traveler who finds a project and wants us to publish it so they can receive help. We do not publish help for individuals or families.
  • Do you organice trips?
    No, we are not a travel agency. But we work with some of them, who give their clients to colaborate with trip-drop projects around the world.
  • How do you get the information from the projects?
    We started asking in the schools that we visited during our trips. Now, it is the travelers themselves who detect the projects, ask them what they need, and tell us. The NGOs also look for us, because for them trip-drop means free logistics and visibility. We put them on the map, they are visited and helped.
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