Chance for Children

Ghana | Acra
Type of project:
June, 2016

NGO based in Switzerland and Ghana, which assists street children in Accra by providing education, shelter and food.


1.- Notebooks, and coloring books with pencils and markers
2.- Educational games
3.- Books to learn English (from 9 to 15 years old)
4.- Football shirts (it drives them crazy).
5.- First aid kits, first necessity medicines (gauze, oxygenated water, vetadine)
6.- Cooking oil
7.- Soap


Chance for Children, La Accra

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

Botanical gardens of Aburi. Akosombo Dam. Castles of slaves in Cape Coast, Elmina and the west coast in general, with almost desert beaches and coconut plantations. Kakum forest with its liana bridge. Mole natural reserve with forest elephants and gazelles, but not recommended for young children, due to the basic infrastructure. • Travel info: Yellow fever and letter of invitation are required for the visa, which we could process with our contact there. It is recommended anti-mosquito to apply at sunset and anti-malaria medication, being Malarón the most recommended. If you think about adopting in Ghana it can be complicated, but not so much for Spaniards, thanks to the good management of the embassy in that aspect. It is recommended to consult before. From May to June there is a little light rain, which usually does not last more than a couple of hours. In July and August, there are more constant and longer rains, lasting more than a full day. September to November, quite dry heat, December to January Harmattan or dry heat combined with sand in desert suspension. February to April, humid heat. The temperature usually ranges between 27 and 33 degrees during the day. With peaks of up to 40 degrees in March and April and minimums of August 23. The humidity is very high most of the year. Medical insurance is recommended and you can bring Euros or dollars, both easy to change. The Internet connection is mediocre. Hotels there are many and of different categories, although in general they are expensive. There are also guests houses that are clean and safe. Depending on what you want, we can inform you of the most recommended. Security in general, is not a problem in Ghana, with lower levels of crime than neighboring countries or Western countries. Theft of computers, cameras and other valuables left in rooms or in cars is the most common. It is essential to bring a good dose of patience to apply at mealtime, sense of humor and we guarantee that you will find your smile.

Daniela Ruedisueli Sodjah

00233 244 20 28
* If possible, contact the center before the visit