Experiencia Himba (escuela de Omuhonga)

Namibia | Kunene
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April, 2018

We arrived with lots of school supplies that we had bought thanks to the help of many of our followers. We were impressed, because we managed to collect the incredible number of € 515, which we could buy 300 notebooks, 266 erasers, 660 pens, 300 pencils, 107 colored pencils, 108 pencil sharpeners, 3 world maps and 4 educational poster. We left the stationery of the small town completely empty, which logically did not matter at all to the young workers of the shop, who were delighted with its sale.
We had knowledge of this school thanks to the information on the Spanish website www.trip-drop.com. So we got in touch with Gisele and Andreas Hörn, a German couple who runs the NGO “Kaokoland e.V.”, which aims to ensure the education of hundreds of children from the Himba and Dzemba tribes of the Kaokoveld region.

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Vereinsgründung 1996, Kunene

Vereinsgründung 1996, Kunene

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An arid, desert region, scorched by the sun, far from the world and perhaps a little forgotten by it, with hardly any dirt roads and no light or running water. Giraffes, impalas, gazelles, hyenas, lions and leopards or desert elephants are its natural inhabitants. A place, therefore, incredibly attractive for the traveler. At night you can attend one of the most unknown shows of Namibia, the STARS. One of the cleanest skies on the planet, where the celestial vault is seen in all its fullness, with the attraction that they are all new constellations for us, since Namibia is in the southern hemisphere.

Gisela Horn

* If possible, contact the center before the visit