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March, 2018

You can be part of the Go Green Malapascua project, helping us to maintain the activities we do with the children. During these activities we offer children the opportunity to play and entertain themselves with materials and games that are not available to many of them. It is an exchange of games and fun for them and for ourselves, where we also try to make the little ones aware of the environmental problems that exist on the island.
In order to continue carrying out activities with children we need:
1- Books
2- Coloring books
3- Notebooks to paint
4- Paintings
5- Puzzles for children from 2 to 10 years old.
6- Volleyball balls (1 or 2) 8- Kites (1 or 2)
7- We do not accept plastic or single-use toys such as balloons, stickers, etc …


Malapascua, Logon, Cebu

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Malapascua is a very small island located north of Cebu. This island is mainly known for its diving with the shark fox, but it also has its charm. You can enjoy its white sand beaches, island hopping to Kalangaman island and around the island of Malapascua. But the best of all is to enjoy their people and their smiles.

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