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Nepal | Lamjung District
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April, 2018

Oxford Higher Secondary School – based in Kathmandu – is supporting the community-based library in Borang.

In 2016 students, teachers, guardians and supporters of the school conducted a fundraising campaign to buy books that the Mothers Group wished to have for their library.  In December 2016 the Oxford Group donated 500 books to the Mothers Group. Some essential library furniture is urgently needed. The donated books were arranged in the available bookshelves, however more bookshelves are needed to accommodate the books. Reading tables and chairs are completely missing and urgently needed.

Books, newspapers and magazines on topics such as health, sanitations, nutrition, infant care, agriculture, income generating activities, skill development, human rights, and conflict resolution are needed to expand the library; books regarding other topics can be proposed.

The books should be mainly in Nepali language, some elementary books in English will also be useful. Writing material and computers is useful to the library users.

Laptops to be donated should be, if possible, not older than 5 years and have a working battery, since this would give the benefit of not interrupting the work when the current is missing, as it is often the case. Possibly laptops should be delivered after a check-up and all data should be erased.


Lamjung District, Rainas

Borang Village, Laliguras Aama Samuha is located 175 miles west from Kathmandu (6hrs driving). Route: Prithwy Highway, the road fastens to its north from DUMRE BAZAR( 135 Km from Kathmandu, Pokhara road). Implementing institution: Oxford Higher Secondary School , Ward No. 16, Nayabazar, Kathmandu Metropolitan (a responsible from the school will help in organizing the trip to Borang).

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Lamjung District lies in the mid-hills of Nepal with spanning from tropical to trans-himalyan geo-ecological belts. Lamjung district offers low altitude trek cuts through areas rarely visited. It represent a major new area for trekking within the Anapurna region, new routes are being developed and homestay programmes are available to combine trekking with cultural interaction. Borang is a beautiful village rich culture and tradition, it offers an attractive opportunity to travellers looking for an authentic experience of traditional rural Nepal. The landscape is mostly agricultural with green terrace rice fields and panoramic mountain views.

Lamjung District Western Development Region NP
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