NK English School

Laos | Nong Khiaw
Type of project:
February, 2020

NK English School is a non-profit organization that supports local children and young people by giving them the opportunity to learn English for free. The school provides daily classes the entire school year with the help of volunteers, local teachers and sponsors.

We currently hold English classes five afternoons per week. We’ve had over 150 students register in September 2019!
The English courses take place from Monday to Friday and are divided into 9 groups, one hour of teaching, from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

They also have a volunteer program.

NEEDS: Mainly required are school supplies such as books in English, pens, pencils, blackboards, desks, maps, posters.


Nong Khiaw

Nong Khiaw se encuentra a unas 3h en bus desde Luang Prabang, lo que puede ser una buena opción si se visita esta zona

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

Nong Khiaw (also written Nong Khiaw and Nong Kiau) is located in Luang Prabang Province (three hours ride by bus from Luang Prabang Town). As Luang Prabang has grown in popularity, so too has Nong Khiaw. It offers plenty of gorgeous riverside guesthouse and local restaurants. With the ragged mountains views on either side of the town, it's surely one of the most photogenic spots in Laos. For those willing to get out and explore, there are quite a few options: caves, waterfalls, viewpoints, treks, boat trips, kayak, meditation etc...


+33610431123nkenglishschoollaos@gmail.com (Laos)
* If possible, contact the center before the visit