Proyecto Social Manzanoarte

Venezuela | Manzanillo y Tarmas
Type of project:
February, 2020

The social project of Artes Manzanoarte was born in 2018 to promote art in the communities of Manzanillo and Tarmas of the Vargas state of Venezuela, with the social focus of promoting culture, community identity, recreation and bringing these cultural expressions closer to settlers. The objective is to provide an educational and cultural asset to these communities by transmitting a new vision of good living and that all the generations that make life there can wake up having opportunities in activities that are part of art, increasing cultural and tourist wealth.

In order to keep the project alive we need sportswear for the children of our social circus school, sports shoes, first aid material, vitamins, antibiotics, children’s paints, brushes, colored cards, children’s tales books, music instruments, and gym mats.

The headquarters of the social circus school is in a rural community and is not easily accessible. Contact Zoribel and Luis (founders of the project) before visiting. They are half the year in Europe and the other in Venezuela. If they are not in Venezuela, they will coordinate it so someone else can drive you there.



Tarma, Vargas

Manzanillo and Tarmas are about 40min. north from the Caracas airport

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

Playa Chichiriviche de la Costa, La Colonia Tovar, Catia La Mar (Playas)

Zorybel Garcia
* If possible, contact the center before the visit