Basori – Playing School

Gambia | Basori
Type of project:
October, 2020

The school is located in Basori, a Gambian town with approximately 3,500 inhabitants, where around 1,750 are minors, it has a very low enrollment rate (less than 35%).
Thanks to the sporting events that we hold in Spain, we have been able to create this school. Any help with school supplies for the little ones will be welcome at the school. We leave a list of what we intend to cover over the years. And if you want to know more about our project, you can visit us at or on our social networks @playingspain.

List of teaching and learning aids:

* Abacus of different types
* Watch faces
* Counters
* Posters
* Word cards (flash) with images
* Reading books in English for ages 4 to 9.
* Radio and sound cassette for phonetics
* Sand painting of different colors for arts
* Household toy (utensils)
* TV for ECD to aid in recognition and sound
* Image projector
* 5 blackboard rulers
*String instruments
* Blackboard compass
* Printer and copier
* Chalks of different colors
* Drafts
* Drawing books
* Felt pens
* Pencils – there is stationery in Brikama (nearby town)

Additional material:

* Two bicycles for the transport of the concierge and the night watchman


Basori, Kombo East. Road Mandinaba - Jiboro, Basori


Batuwo Fatty
* If possible, contact the center before the visit