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April, 2015

The school welcomes children from 6 villages in the region, 280 children from 2 to 16 years old.

There is no school transport, so some have to walk several kilometers and up to 4 hours a day to go to school and back.
The average temperature of the country is very cold, because they live more than 2000 meters high, and the children are not well conditioned, they don´t have proper clothes and shoes suitable for cold and rain.

That’s why the teachers tell us that what they need most are jackets, raincoats, waterproof boots.
As secondary need is the school supplies: notebooks, pencils, pens, and white chalk teachers.
Also sports equipment, soccer balls and volleyball.
They also do not have chairs and tables for all the children in the school, so they have to share, or some sit on the floor.

The school dates are: From January to April, 15 days of vacation, from mid-April to the end of June, when the school is closed because the weather is too harsh, and it is resumed in mid-August to December.


Tlokoeng 522

GPS: Lat -29,24781 - Long 28,90375

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Lesoto is a small country (as small as Galicia), completely surrounded by South Africa, it is nestled between high mountains, and practically does not receive tourism. 75% of the population lives in rural areas dedicated to livestock and grazing. Its greatest attraction are the mountains of the Drakensberg, and the life of its inhabitants as they did centuries ago. In addition there are some ski slopes. It is a beautiful and an different option to cross from Johannesburg to the Wild Coast of South Africa.

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