Fundación Esteban Torbar

Venezuela | Bolívar
Type of project:
March, 2015

The Esteban Torbar Foundation is responsible for developing solidarity and sustainable tourism in the Kamarata Valley, where the Auyantepuy is located, the mountain from which the famous Angel Falls (the highest waterfall in the world) descends.

But the communities that make up Kamarata have great needs to get ahead, because the costs of food are very high due to the difficult access of the place, they have difficulties to obtain medicines and their 8 schools needs lots of school supplies.
Understanding that education is a very important factor for the development of tourism in one place and considering that the average number of children per family in the Kamarata Valley is 7 children, we need the following school supplies:

Pencils, pencil sharpeners, sticks, colors, chalk, scissors and flannels. (Contact first to confirm new needs)

The schools that would be helped make up the Kamarata Indigenous School Nucleus, with children between the ages of 6 and 12. These schools are:
.-Awaraparú (16 children)
.-Awaratoy (21 children)
.-Santa Marta (31 children)
.-Kovipa (70 children)
.-San José (36 children)


valle de Kamarata, Bolívar

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