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June, 2015

Casa Guatemala is composed of houses, a school, a medical clinic and a farm. It is a town in itself, with more than 300 full-time residents, mostly children.

The organization helps children who have been orphaned, mistreated or who come from extreme poverty with a house, education, medical care and an environment of consolidation of love. Children of 14 Mayan communities benefit from their services, as well as the guardianship of the state of the entire country.

Constant NEEDS:
.-Clothing for boys and girls between the ages 2-18: -underwear-pantyhose-shorts-t-shirts, pants, long-sleeved shirts, dresses and skirts, pijamas, shoes and sandals
.-Hygiene products: toothpaste toothbrushes, face wash for teenagers hair shampoo soap, deodorant hair gel accessories for girls-boys-sanitary napkins, towels and face cloths
.- medical supplies -aspirins, pain killers (adults / children – cough and cold, medicine for children and prenatal vitamins medicine for diarrhea / shampoo parasite treatment antibiotics, pills and condoms. Antifungal antibacterial cream – sulfasalazine-chloramphenicol eye drops. Antihistamines: Betadine or iodine-bandages, gauze and tape syringes medical gloves, suture kits
.-Food: corn flour, rice, beans, sugar, oatmeal, etc. preserves-products-milk powder for babies Formula. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (local)
.-School supplies: scientific calculators, books lined with spirals, pens, pencils, markers, colored pencils, white paper, construction paper, crepe paper, glue, scissors, and tape.


Calle 14, Zona 1, Guatemala City, Guatemala

14 Calle 10-63 Zona 1, Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Río Dulce is located in the southeastern region of Guatemala, very close to the border with Honduras and the Caribbean Sea. Casa Guatemala is a village that houses 250 children and can only be reached by boat. Is completely out of the any route. Near the orphanage is Livingston, Castillo de San Felipe, Finca Paradiso, and Tatin de Río. The ruins of Quiriguá, El Mirador and Tikal are located a few hours from here.

14 Calle
Guatemala Guatemala GT
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