Les amis des enfants (La casa cuna)

Palestina | Belén
Type of project:
March, 2018

It is an orphanage for Palestinian children, most of them abandoned. Is the only authorized center in the area.
There are more than 40 living there, and many others come from Palestinian families without means go during the day.
It´s a peaceful place, in a large and ancient building. It is supported by private donations and the Order of Malta.
However, the future of these children is not very encouraging, since Islam does not allow adoption.

They told us they need pijamas, and breast milk for babies.
Children are between 1 month and 6 years old

The sisters speak French and Italian.

Try to contact with them before your visit, so they can tell you the best time.


Rue Paul VI, Bethleem

In front of the bus stop to Jerusalem bus to Jerusalem

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

Church of the Annunciation Milk Cave Visit the orphanage in the morning for a while, and then dedicate it to the city, which is very small.

Any sister (they speak French and Italian)

00972 2 27 44 142creche@p-ol.com
* If possible, contact the center before the visit