Sumatra Dream Class

Indonesia | Sumatra
Type of project:
September, 2019

It is a community that is located on the border of the Gunung Leuser National Park, so it is imperative that its habitants have knowledge of environmental conservation.

The project is now focused on issues of reforestation and waste management in the community. A nursery was created to be able to plant the trees that germinate on land owned by local people to offer an alternative to palm.

How can you help? If you want to visit the project, they will take you on a motorbike route through different sites and land in the community so that you can learn about the project, the actions they carry out, and a tree is planted on one of the lands where they have made an agreement with the property. A contribution of 350,000 rupees per person is requested to cover transport costs and as a donation to the project in order to continue germinating more trees.

Right now, two GPS are needed to mark the trees that are being planted and to be able to follow their evolution.

Volunteers: People who want to teach things related to the conservation of animals and the environment to young people and children in the community will also be welcome.

Also looking for help in:

– Creation of content for social networks
– Design of visual brand identity and new logo
– Creation of photographic or video material
– Creation of a mini-report to show the project

Things that are being done:
Collection and cleaning of plastics that along the river and the village to make ecobricks (plastic bottles filled with other used plastics) and with them build bins to put in the village. Development of bags and mats with the plastic bags collected, thus making a second useful use of these bags.
All this as activities to make changes with children and adolescents, thus making them aware of reducing the use of plastic and recycling it to keep the town clean.

All kinds of help will be welcome!


Porli, Langkat, Sumatera

El aeropuerto principal es el de Medan Kualanamu. Una vez allí se puede coger un coche privado hasta este pueblo que puede ser organizado por la misma organización que lleva el proyecto. También se puede ir en autobús hasta la ciudad de Medan y coger una mini van en la estación de autobuses Pinang Baris hasta Porli.

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

Batu Rongring se encuentra a tan sólo 15 minutos en moto del pueblo. Desde allí se empiezan los trekkings al Parque Nacional de Gunung Leuser donde puedes explorar y rastrear a los animales salvajes. Se pueden llegar a ver varios tipos de primates incluidos los orangutanes! Y no dejar de lado el resto de flora y fauna que hay en este parque nacional, el tercero con más biodiversidad de todo el mundo. También hay unas termas de azufre que se pueden visitar, un árbol gigante que yo no he visto antes uno igual, acampar en la selva, entre otras cosas.


Santa (local contact)
* If possible, contact the center before the visit