Flores de Kiskeya

República Dominicana | Anse a Pitres, (Haiti, frontera)
Type of project:
February, 2019
* (Although the project is in Haiti, many travelers visit it from the Dominican Republic).

Flores de Kiskeya is a maternal and child project focused on the autonomy, independence and development of the most vulnerable women and their children in Anse-á-Pitres (southeast of Haiti). Developing education, nutrition, health and empowerment programs.

Because we are a very small organization, managed with local staff and with very few resources, our needs are unlimited:

We need staff with experience in training, children’s education, health, agriculture, entrepreneurship, crafts, women’s rights, educator training, English and Spanish classes, construction, dance, music, yoga, social theater, leisure activities, sports activities .

Material needs: we need women’s, children’s and baby’s clothes, baby products, diapers, shoes, sportswear, sports equipment, food, sanitary and hygiene materials, medicines, condoms, furniture, paint, construction material, school supplies , children’s material, handicraft material, sewing machines, fabrics, agricultural material, music, solar panels, batteries, etc.


Anse a Pitres, Haiti

Due to bad communications and infrastructure in Haiti, to come and visit us, you will have to arrive from the Dominican Republic, the option of arriving by private transport or public transport, from Santo Domingo is approximately six hours.

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

The surroundings are beautiful, with fantastic beaches and very few tourism.

Romana Pérez- Caballero

+34 616148977
* If possible, contact the center before the visit