Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda

México | Jalpan de Serra
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August, 2012

The Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve is an extraordinary testimony of the commitment of civil society and local communities to join efforts and protect the most eco-diverse natural area in Mexico.


.-Glasses all ages
.-School supplies
.-Basic medicines
.-Experiences and culture that visitors can share to enrich the guides and communities -> TRAINING FOR TOURISM.

Normally it helps us not only to bring something material but also to enjoy spending time and sharing experiences with families. If they bring food not only to leave but also to prepare and eat together with them, we consider it an excellent detail and an entire experience!


Sierra Gorda Ecotours, Querétaro

Centro Tierra Sierra Gorda. Camino a La Presa s/n. Col. Barrio El Panteón, Jalpan de Serra, Querétaro

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The Sierra Gorda offers a spectacular destination with great community flavor, a delicious local gastronomy along its route of taste, the hospitality of its people, its micro-entrepreneurs, the network of eco-lodges, walks to the sanctuaries of the Sierra Gorda, routes of cycling, horseback riding for riders who want a deep experience in nature, all with the simple life of the local communities ready to receive them and share their magnificent natural heritage with you.

Jalpan de Serra 76340 Qro. MX
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