Asociación de Hogares Nuevo Futuro Perú

Perú | Barranco
Type of project:
February, 2013

– Diapers
– Milk formula
– Milk
– Foods (rice, vegetable, oil, etc.)
– Cleaning products
– Hygiene products for babies and children
– Educational material (books, games, etc.)

All these products can be purchased in local markets around
Is cheaper,  you avoid having to bring the material from your country of origin and, in addition, you contribute with the local economy.


Montero Rosas 150 Barranco, Perú

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

In Lima you can make a varied tourism and for all tastes. In addition to having numerous shops and wide cultural offer. Lima is also known as The City of Kings, as it has a spectacular colonial airship located in the historic center, where the most emblematic buildings such as the Cathedral and the Government Palace are situated. An essential tour in Lima is the Malecón, a large green area located on the top of the cliff that borders much of the city's coastline, from where you can see the Pacific and (in summer) one of the most beautiful sunsets .   At the end of August takes place the Rake, a great event that takes place every year where shops, restaurants and shows that brings together more than 15,000 people. Thus, we also offer the possibility of collaborating in the Rake, an event that is held in order to raise funds to maintain the 6 Residential Care Centers.

Montero Rosas 150
Barranco 15063 Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima PE
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