Dhongak Lhalam Hoselling Goenpa ( nombre del monasterio)

Type of project:
May, 2012

I am kehnpo Sanga Nedup from orphanage at Bumthang, Bhutan.
Thank you for visiting our needy place. As you have asked me write to some lists of items necessary for the orphan monks at my bungalow:

.- Tourches / oil lamps as there is no light at all,
.- gas cylinder (x3) for cooking in the kitchen as fire wood is expensive and usually not allowed to cut down the trees from the forest,
.- washing machine (x3) for washing monks’ clothes
.- Room heater(x5) as the climate is so cold especially in winter
.- Rice, around 200 kilograms per month needed, as they are poor , they cannot afford to have even single meal in day.
.- Blanket and mattresses (x 15)

I on behalf of all the orphan monks, would be ever thankful if the above requested items are provided kindly and generously for the welfare of members of orphan monks at this orphanage.
I humbly beg to look into such condition of the orphan community. It is under private care and responsibility to take care of them. I personally iniciated this program to help to cover their needs. So I hope that you will provide possible things for the orphan monks as you have seen the light of them personally.
Thank you for visiting the place.
Khenpo Sangay Nedup

P.D. Please contact first to update NEEDS


Bumthang district, Butan

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

Bumthang es el nombre general dado a la combinación de los cuatro valles - Chumey, Choekhor, Tang y Ura con altitud que varía de 2.600 metros a 4.000 m. Es el hogar de muchos de los prominentes templos y monasterios budistas. Recomendamos: .-Visita a Kurje Lhakhang, donde el santo Padmasambhava sometido a un demonio local dejó la huella de su cuerpo sobre una roca. .-El Lhakhang Jambey (templo del siglo VII), Tamshing Lhakhang: los frescos más antiguos del país. .-Pasead por el pueblo, visitad las tiendas de artesanías a la entrada de la ciudad, y tal vez tomar un refresco en un restaurante local

Khenpo Sangay Nedup

* If possible, contact the center before the visit