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Uganda | Gulu
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May, 2012

In the Center we give photography and video classes . YPO-Uganda is an association created by young ugandan students of the School of Photography and aims to be a space of coexistence for those young people who have suffered directly or indirectly so many years of war. From HYPOHEALS we help to maintain the center, equipping it with material and giving courses and classes on time.

If you pass by, do not hesitate to say hello. And if you have cameras or audiovisual material it would be great if you give it to them. Surely they are able to take great advantage of that old camera that you no longer use.

If you are finishing your trip, take your cards, finish your reels … and leave that camera in the School  … maybe with it, these young people can be real photographers some day … and show us the beauty and the drama of  Uganda with their own eyes.
Thank you!


Mama Cave Road. Pece Division, Gulu, Uganda

Youths Photography Outreach Uganda (YPO-UGANDA). Mama Cave Road. Pece Division

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Gulu is the capital of Northern Uganda ... a city small enough not to feel overwhelmed (if you run from the chaos of Kampala) but with enough movement to make it worth a stop. The best: walk through the market and talk to the locals. Don´t miss the chance of visiting any church on Sunday and see the fervor of the Ugandan people. Visit some of the women's cooperatives or take a motorbike driver to get a city. Gulu is a place rarely visited by tourists because the north was an area very affected by the war. Now the region is safe so Gulu is a perfect city to know the real Uganda and enjoy its people and its proximity. About 30 km away is the Bakers Fort, a fort built by the British in 1870. Not far from Gulu is the Murchinson Falls National Park, one of the best options to enjoy a Safari through Uganda.

Gulu Northern Region UG
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