Comunidad Indígena de Moxos (ONG Solidaridad Médica Canaria)

Bolivia | Beni
Type of project:
September, 2015

The NGO Solidaridad Médica has been working since 2003 with Spanish and Bolivian volunteers in the health field. The work philosophy is to reach places where social or geographical characteristics do not allow the arrival of government health services or other international cooperation organizations, being the only agency that provides health assistance to the indigenous communities of the territories TIPNIS, TIM and Río Maniqui in the department of? Beni, Bolivia.

It is about replicating the same self-sustainable health system that we have implemented in the rivers where we have already worked.
The health situation presented by the rural area of ​​Bolivia is one of the worst on the continent. Mortality among children under 5 years of age due to diarrheal diseases, pneumonia, anemia (43.5%) and parasitosis (39.6%) continues to be the main cause of illness and death, and undernutrition (31.16%) is the biggest problem associated with this type of infectious diseases.

Every year three expeditions are organized to collaborate with this great project, in Normally we need some material, especially medical:

• A LOT of enalapril, incredible amounts are spent
• Almax and prednisone, everything that comes to them is donated and is spent very quickly
• Laboratory: a microscope and propipetas (pears)
• Nursing: rolls of non-sterile gauze, compressors, pediatric blood pressure monitors, digital and mercury thermometers, scissors to remove stitches, cloth tape
• Dentistry: much is spent on anesthetics with and without vasoconstrictor

These things are spent in very big amounts and / or because they need to do their daily work, and that’s where we come in, our function is to facilitate their daily work, improve their working conditions so they can provide high quality health care .
Anyone who wants to collaborate by contributing part of the REQUESTED MATERIAL, please contact trip-drop or Francisco Heredia.


Comunidad Indigena de Moxos, Beni

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

Pampas del Yacuma: protected area, the largest in Bolivia, or ... perhaps the world, a "hemorrhage" of biodiversity; pink dolphins, the capybara, the black howler monkey, the capuchin monkey (among many other varieties of apes), turtles, deer of the marshes and numerous species of birds such as herons, toucans, ibis, howler, macaws ...; exotic, isn´t it...?

Francisco Heredia

* If possible, contact the center before the visit