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Malaui | Mulanje
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March, 2018

Here, they give courses to the interns of carpentry and of sewing to the inmates, and what they most need is supplies for these courses, because of the lack of tools (carpentry materials and sewing machines).

Major Manuel Nzima (Officer in-charge) “The community helps people who are internal, it depends on the crime, but they believe that if you have made a mistake and paid for it, you are welcome in society. and they welcome you, but if they see that you have not changed, they do not welcome you … We do not have many repeat offenders.
In this prison the most common crime is robbery, theft of simple things, goats, bikes, chickens. There are no fights, they know the rules and respect them. There are currently 455 inmates, of whom 10 are women who are in a separate module.
We believe in rehabilitation, in reforming people and in reintegration. “



It´s on the main road linking the Chitakale and Mulanje villages. The easiest thing to do when you are in the area is to ask about the prison, because it is very easy to get there, everyone knows it.

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If you visit southern Malawi, famous for its tea fields and for Mount Mulanje (the highest in southern Africa) on the main road linking the Chitakale and Mulanje villages is where the prison is located.

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Annie (Sudirectora)

+265 882 15 18 15 (tiene whatsapp)
* If possible, contact the center before the visit