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Type of project:
June, 2016

The Children’s House is a children’s home where 40 children of different ages reside. The name they have chosen.
We are responsible for some wonderful and incredible children, their health, nutrition and education, creating a family atmosphere in which they feel calm and safe. The staff that attends them is local, taking care of the children and the facilities 24 hours a day, the Cambodians themselves being the ones who take care of their children, following the indications of the organization but impregnating the local flavor environment.

On weekends we carry out various activities, as in any family we go out together and visit a temple, the mountain, a swim in the lake, an amusement park, a football game, etc.

We need:

.-big globe of the world
.-atlas, books of science, of animals and nature.
.-novels and books in English for all ages, including cardboard books for the youngest
– Simple games. For example, Twister, Junior Scrabble, Boggle, Connect 4, memory, Snap.

Things you can buy here:

.-Bicycles for adults children
.-Bicycles for small children
.-soccer balls and volley balls
.-Comba, jump ropes
.-Tennis balls

.-Hairbrushes and combs
.-Soap shampoo
– Shampoo for nits and lice
– School backpacks
– school uniforms 1 game between
.- shoes
.- Clothing (shirts, shorts, skirts, modest styles please)
.-Underwear for children
.- Lots and lots of rice
.-Oil of
.-toilet paper
.-Insect repellent
.-Garbage bags
.-Social Worker staff training

The things we DO NOT need:

Candies and sweets (please help us save on the bills of dentists!)
Individual gifts for children (when we buy, we buy for 40!)

IMPORTANT: it is not about spending time with children, much less photographing them. We do not pretend to be a tourist attraction.


Kouk Chack, Siem Reap

The Home and Office are in the Kouk Chack Community in Siem Reap. Contact first.

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

The Angkor Temples, probably the most beautiful in the world

Krong Siem Reap Siem Reap Province KH
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Lidia Linde

* If possible, contact the center before the visit