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Sri Lanka | Lahugala
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June, 2018

Niranjan, a pioneer of Sinhala Unicode in Sri Lanka, has combined his aptitude in developing content in local languages ​​with the growing ICT use among Sri Lankans through Nanasala (government funded e-learning centers) to ensure that the quality of education for all Sri Lankan students come to parity.

Niranjan is an Ashoka Fellow entrepreneur who works in remote rural areas giving access to education for children through telecentres, skype classes … thus avoiding missing classes so far from school. He is educating underserved communities by closing the rural and urban education gap. Niranjan’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) -based educational system is improving rural students’ access to quality education in local languages, enabling them to become more competitive in national examinations in order to gain admissions to higher education institutions. His initiative comprises an interactive means of self and group learning which makes efficient and exciting curricula. Niranjan’s teaching methodology and materials are a vital resource for youth and their teachers in remote communities who have not had access to quality educational facilities.

The center is at the end of a tiny town.
Contact and ask first, because the needs are not always the same.

Volunteer is always welcome. Check their  web page for more info.



S.Udara Anurudda > NENASALA > Kiriwehera Road, > Lahugala

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Niranjan Meegammana



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