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Nicaragua | Manuagua
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February, 2012

If you are passing by here on your trip, and want to help us, please note various needs to improve the development of the activities we implement.

You can support us with school supplies, toys, balls, medicines, garden tools, seeds, paints, sports equipment, instruments musical, etc. all the help you can provide us should serve for everyone, for the whole classroom, games and materials that can be used in a group!

You can buy the aid in Nicaragua, items are cheaper here, you don´t need to carry with it from home, and you will be supporting the local economy.

You can also support us in sending materials and products from Nicaragua to Spain or vice versa. In Fabretto, we support several youth and women’s cooperatives, among them, “Pinos Fabretinos” that make baskets of pine, another cooperative of jewelery based on recycled materials, etc. which are then sold in Spain and the USA. The delivery of these products often involves a high cost for the Foundation, it would be great to have your support to get these products to their destination.
With your visit you can support the life of many children, and you can see it with your own eyes!

And you will see that your trip will be more than an experience …


PUMA, Ministerio del Trabajo, Managua

Oficina Central: PUMA, Ministerio del Trabajo 500 mts. Al oeste, Managua

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

Managua, the capital of the country, is not especially a tourist city, however a few kilometers from the city there are places that you should not miss, with the charm and beauty of a country like this. The Apoyo lagoon, the Masaya volcano, the Masaya market, Granada, León, Los pueblos blancos, etc. a country of lakes and volcanoes. In Managua, although the tourist offer is limited, more and more cultural and leisure activities are being offered, such as: the Rufino Garay theater, the Cultural Center of Spain, the French Alliance, etc. they are spaces where weekly they have cultural programs, where documentaries are projected, they present exhibitions, concerts, theater, workshops, etc. you should not miss any of these places, you will always find a good atmosphere and it is a good opportunity to meet people during your trip! We also invite you to know the centers that Fabretto has in the capital and a few kilometers from the city, in a more rural area. Our children and young people are at risk, living in complicated environments, due to their economic, social, personal and family situation. The child who lives with all the situations mentioned above is very frequent. In our centers, the kids, reinforce the knowledge of the formal school, as well as the programs implemented by Fabretto, more in line with their reality, promote the development of the whole child, creating young people with the knowledge and values ​​to develop in life, once finish the school stage. Come visit us !!!

Mariela Robles (Oficina)


Móvil Mariela

* If possible, contact the center before the visit