Escuela San Ramón

Nicaragua | Comarca Lechecuagos
Type of project:
October, 2014

This school is for the children of all the Sector of Urroces, which are like 20 villages.
In total there are 50 children between 3 and 16 years old, from
preschool to 6th grade.
Logically they are from very humble families that are dedicated to the field and the cattle, the school schedule is only from 7 in the morning to 12.30, there are no classes in the afternoon because many children have to help the parents in the works of the field, and in harvest season there is much lack of assistance.

The greatest need they have is school supplies, as always is too expensive for family income:
.-Notebooks, pens, crayons,
.-Calculators  and backpacks.

But above all BOOKS OF TEXT, the Ministry provides them with books, but they only have one for every 5 children. The teacher told us that in the city of León it is easy to get the textbooks necessary for the courses in any bookstore, although she indicated one in particular: Libreria Hispamer (ask there for the official textbooks in Nicaragua).

.-Clothes, but especially footwear, because children who live in the most remote villages often have to make up to 4 km one way and 4 return to go every day to school, and the volcanic sand roads destroy the shoes quickly.
.-Cleaning items for the school. Broom, mop …
As always, it is best to contact the teacher before the visit.

Courses begin in February and end in mid-December. And they have 15 days of vacation in July.


Comarca Lechecuagos, Sector Urroces

Comarca Lechecuagos, Sector Urroces. Coordenadas GPS: N 12,47615º W086,74702º

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

León is a beautiful colonial city with a lot of history, apart from being the home of Ruben Dario and having his house museum, it was a city where the Sandinista revolution took vital importance. In its surroundings there are many interesting sites such as the beaches of the Pacific at 20 km: Ponoleya and Las Peñitas. And the Cerro Negro volcano with a height of only 728 meters, is a black cone with a crater that opens towards the dodne valley, the lava footprint of the last eruptions is perfectly visible in contrast with the intense green of the forests tropical that surround it. It is possible to walk up to the volcano in half an hour, and walk down, or gliding in a kind of sledge on the black earth, or making sandboard, surfing the volcano.

Blanca Guido

* If possible, contact the center before the visit