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Laos | Luang Prabang
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June, 2017

Ken Phitsapeng, a young university student from Laos, has started a beautiful project after his own experience to get access to the university in a country where most children finish secondary school, and those from the most lost towns do not they pass primary school because of the difficulties they have in accessing schools, and because they soon start helping the family work in the field.
Now that he has obtained a scholarship in the university, he welcomes 6 boys and girls, between 11 and 16 years old, who are good at school and want to continue with them but due to lack of resources and living far from secondary schools, they would have to abandon them. Everyone has a dream, to get to the university and get a better future than the rural life will bring, and thus continue to help other children in their villages.
The children are welcomed into the same house where Ken lives, which provides them with accommodation and food, and a space to study.

– School supplies: notebooks, pens.
– Two laptops.
– English reading books (basic)
– furniture, chairs and desk tables.
– Bicycles to go to school.
– Clothes and shoes.

Volunteers are also grateful to spend a long time with them, giving them English or computer classes or other interesting subjects in the afternoon, after school, or on weekends.
(The information on the age and sex of the 6 children as well as their motivations is detailed by them on the website itself:

In addition, Ken collaborates in the project of raising a new secondary school between several nearby villages of Luang Prabang, since the previous one took the last monsoons.
Here they need everything to finish raising more classrooms, since they have capacity for hundreds of children, and they have them in precarious conditions, they are just walls and roofs on grass.
They need school furniture, tables for teachers, blackboards, and construction materials.


Luang Prabang, Laos

La Casa está en Luang Prabang, cerca del puente peatonal. Lo mejor para llegar es contactar con Ken, el mismo se acercará a buscaros al hotel.

AND IF YOU COME, we recommend that you visit

Surely it is the most beautiful city in Southeast Asia. The colonial charm merges with the Buddhism present in its many temples. The monks invade the city early in the Souls Collection. The Mekong and Nam Khan bathe the peninsula of the ancient city. The surroundings overflow natural beauty: waterfalls, caves, lost villages. Deal with some fisherman, for 30 or 40$ you navegate in a private by boat at he Mekokng River. The villages on the other shore (opposite Luang Prabang) are the most authentic, nobody stops there. Another good option is to go trekking, visit the waterfalls, or even enjoy a very soft rafting. And to finish a massage, and a walk through the night market. You can not go to Laos without visiting Luang Prabang.

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