Salama Center Community Vision and Better Future

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enero, 2016
Since 2007. Our kids are in age of 6-17 years old most of our “caregivers” are old women and single moms, all located in Majengo.
In our program called “family care modal” we take care of Orphans within family we replace Orphans in the families when we find them. We have 17 families who take care of 29 kids . We pay school fees supplement of food for these families.
Also we have social program such as schools visit home visit hospital visit if someone is sick and more
Our needs its based on what we provide. At the moment we don´t have specific sponsors, we do get small donation from people who visit our program and see the needs and cover some .
We need school supplies (pens, rulers, notebooks, english reading books. A soccer ball.
Volunteers for teaching after school.

We opened January 2009, and started with 29 program kids in 22 families. Some of our kids graduate from the program and Currently services 26 Orphaned Children and their households approximately 145 people.

The Salama Center Supplements resources of each enrolled family by distributing of nutrition food and covering health care costs. Comprehensive health care program includes rioting medical exams according to age and development; all vaccinations; treatment when needed; preventing tools such as mosquito nets and health education.
The Salama Center pays schools fees and provides uniform for each enrolled orphaned child and supplement public education for all children of the enrolled families. At the Salama center the children, caregivers and their family have access to;
• Afterschool –program with 63 children are attend at the Center everyday from Monday to Friday +Saturday for art class and take Math and English subjects
• Day care, Monday through Friday mornings up to noon, for those who are not old enough to attend government schools.
• Vocation training in areas such as tailoring and computer training for families member, community youth surround the center
• Community garden chicken keeping
• Art project and art studio


Moshi, Kilimanjaro, P.O. Box 7464

Majengo Vilage its very near to town center its about 5 kilometer  from city center we have local bus come near our center so its reachable by public transport  

Y SI VIENES, te recomendamos que visites

Moshi Mjimpya village. El monte Kilimanjaro.

Lucas Ndalima
* Si es posible, contactad con el centro antes de la visita