Kilombero School at Zanzibar (Tanzania)

Tanzania (Zanzíbar) | Nungwi
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septiembre, 2021

We are a family of 2 adults and 4 children (from 9 to 18 years) that spent 12 days at Tanzania for tourism. We learnt about the existence of and fell in love with the idea to help to local people as well. Daniel Losada, from, guided us about this adventure.
We learnt that we could identify new needs that local people could have.
In our biking tour at Mto Wa Mbu (Arusha), we were identifying those needs with the support of local people. Joseph, the local guide, gathered that information about their school and the orphanage they have at the village (+25,000 people). The spirit and attention of the their local people is incredible. We do not remember people so kind with us. We 6 agreed on this, including the treatment made by Joseph.
Additionally, at Mto Wa Mbu we visited a painting workshop of several painters led by Danniel Rafiki who explained that every Sunday they were teaching, without fee, to orphans of the village. We acquired three paintings that we liked and besides we supported their activity. Also we asked for the needs they had for this teaching activity which we have included as well at
Finally, we arrived at Zanzibar for finishing our trip. There we had contacted with Coco. He is a true hero because, on a voluntary basis, he is setting up schools for poor and very young children to teach in English in order to facilitate their recruitment by the vast amount of hotels that there are around Kendwa and Nugdwi. We visited the new school he was setting up at Kilombero. This was at a very early stage and needed some financial support. We had gathered 1,500 USD of donations from our family, close friends and ourselves which was exactly the pending amount to finish the building of the school. Once we provided the donation, we have been receiving detailed reporting through whatssap about the progresses of the building. All, family, friends and ourselves, are very proud and satisfied with the contribution made to this community which has been led by Coco. Thanks Coco, you are the true hero of this story.


Zanzibar. Tanzania

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