Our Philosophy

It is a work to and for all. Help has always been there, if we channel that drip-drop of help through direct information and publish it, so the traveller will do himself a favour that will never forget. It is "privilege information".

In places with hard realities, each smile is a lesson, we only try to help you in making them real.

Two main objectives:

1. Help has to match the real need, and it has to arrive in full to those that need it. No customs , no taxes, no laws, no intermediates, no commissions nor large logistic structures.

2. Promote interaction between travellers and locals enabling tourism to go beyond pure economic interest

Our experience is that taking the first step with our help, people's attitude changes, and both parts start experiencing values of curiosity, hospitality and gratitude.

You start with a gesture of kindness and they invite you to a cup of tea, take you for a walk to places unknown for the book guides, or to the neighbour's party, and finally you understand that life happens everywhere, no matter if you have your needs covered or not. It is at this point that the exchange where everyone wins takes place.


Search, organize and channel all information that gets to us through our partners' network or travellers themselves, checking and publishing it.

We are in constant search for partners around the world with the aim to get to reach the maximum number of needs and destinations.

We all have someone we know, a relative or a friend, who can send us information about needs detected. On trip-drop.com we publish them giving the maximum detail (how to get there, whom to ask for, photos of the places..). We also invite travellers to identify needs during their trips and inform us.

We support NGOs on the ground, providing material to their aid workers, missionaries, school teachers and, in general, all people involved that needs help to continue helping others.


All the information published on this website about people needs in different places around the world, has been checked, so we can all collaborate in a concrete way. As an example, among many places we search we select schools, orphanages or eating rooms where travellers can bring the deliveries. The key is not the value, but the use those things can have in the destination.

Consulting our Country Selector before you start your trip, you will find out the needs of the place you will visit. That is trip-drop.


. Daniel Losada
. Pablo Di Giacomo
. Pablo del Palacio

These are our names and, in relation to trip-drop, there is no more to add. We are three friends that came up with this idea to make our own trips more conscious. We don't have an office, all our structure is what you see on this website.

It is a simple idea that seems to have its own motor. The "trip-drop" concept has been applied to this project from the beginning.

We want to thank everyone and specially Gonzalo Muñiz and Jose Manuel Taibo, web designers and publishers of www.ilcacto.com, who endorsed this project from day one, and who guided us in this virtual world that is becoming real with everyone's help.

All of us have our own job, we are just getting time from the same place where your help desire is.


If you like traveling, getting involved with what's around you, being part of the local culture, interacting with people, and you are also a person that is socially responsible trip-drop is the website you should visit from now on before starting your next trip.

This website is a bridge for those that want to travel and help, getting to know how, with what and who you can help. Here you will find information about needs that are basic to us (school material, baby clothes, glasses, old mobiles, etc..) but essential to other people's lives. On our website we will show you all those places and their realities, in as many as countries as possible.

With a simple gesture in the preparation of your trip, you can add some things that will help others who you could also meet in your trip. You will, at last, be able to look into their eyes, and at the same time they will be able to finally thank you in person.

It is not about fixing the world, but to bring it closer, using internet to show a different way to travel where everyone wins

We travel to know. When you know you learn, and when you learn you grow. We travel to be better when we return.